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Clean Energy Fuels Australia (CEFA)

CEFA is an Australian owned and run business formed by a group of renowned energy consultants who specialize in the cleaner fuels. That is; Liquefied Natural Gas (‘LNG’), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (‘LPG’) and Compressed Natural Gas (‘CNG’).  

These fuels are proven and effective replacements for traditional fuels such as diesel. The Clean Energy Fuels are comparatively less expensive, more environmentally friendly and less reliant on fluctuating oil prices and overseas importation than their more heavily polluting alternatives.

Clean Energy Fuels Australia works with all areas of the fuel and energy value chain from producers and governments to retail distributors and energy consumers. CEFA build long term relationships, environmentally sound solutions and sustainable profitability within energy supplies.

CEFA is the leading source of Clean Energy Fuels knowledge and our consultants' knowledge covers all industries and applications including road transport, rail, mining, industrial, and power generation sectors in Australia.

CEFA are experts at commercial negotiation, sourcing of LNG, LPG and CNG and power solutions, price agreements, Clean Energy feasibility  studies, business planning, project management, plant and equipment procurement, funding and technical expertise on projects from Boutique to large scale.

CEFA have two sister companies; Clean Energy Gas Australia (CEGA) and Clean Energy Distribution (CED).

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